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Kevin - Network Mortgage Co.

Libby Hooven manages 2 of my investment properties in and around Eureka so I don't have to. As an investor I want a property manager who is accessible, competant and reliable. I have already referred two of my friends to her and intend to refer more. Its relieving to know that I have local representation managing property that I don't have the time or means to do myself. Additionally, Hooven Property Management brings an enthusiasm to her profession that is lost on managers who have been in the business twice the time that she has. If you want a property manager who is motivated and professional and has not grown weary from the type of job malaise that can affect veteran management companies, Libby Hooven is a shrewd choice.

Dennis E. Morris

The Hooven Property Management Company under Libby Hooven has done an excellent job of managing our tri-plex in Arcata. She has kept the occupancy high, collected all rents and utilities in a timely fashion and made sure that the property is maintained. Communications are clear and the needs of the tenants are balanced against the income. I think this makes for a good tenant management relationship.

I would recommend Libby to anyone looking for a good property manager

Dr. Paul Di Leo & Kurt Kosek - San Francisco

If you need a property manager, why not choose the best, and the best is Libby Hooven. Hooven property management will listen to your needs, evaluate your property, screen clients, check their credit, and make the best fit for you. We recently bought an investment property in Arcata, one of our favorite cities. We are from the Bay area and didn't know much about the rental market in Humboldt. We had so many concerns as to how we would be able to, not only rent our property, but also manage it if something went wrong. We were referred to Libby by our realtor. She acted quickly and within about a week after we closed, she rented it to a sweetheart of a tenant for the top market rate. We are very pleased with the service we get from Hooven realty and recommend Libby to all investors in Humboldt County. Great job Libby! You truly are the best!

Tom Lewis DDS

I have been very pleased with Hooven Property Management services .. I live in Auburn California over 250 miles away and I have the utmost confidence in Libby Hooven the owner. In the past year she has located a tenant, rented my property in Willow Creek and deposited the rents in a regular professional manner. She has removed my anxiety about being a distant landlord. Her fee is worth it!!!!! I strongly recommend her to anyone considering renting property.

Ashley Mireles - Tenant

I have been renting from Libby Hooven for 2 years. During this time she has proven to be a very dependable landlord, making herself available to her tenants at all times during business hours, and after hours by telephone and e-mail. She keeps her properties well maintained and caters to rental emergencies in a timely fashion. She has always been very reasonable and fair. In all of my renting expierences, she is by far the most dependable landlord I have ever rented from.

Steve and Sheila Steinberg

Hooven Property Management managed our rental property exceptionally well. Libby made sure our home was well maintained, with regular inspections and taking care of all the details and arranging maintenance. She always obtained high-quality tenants and made sure our rental fees were deposited to our accounts in a timely fashion. We had nothing but the best experience and highly recommend Hooven Property Management.

Carol Rowe - Rowe Mediation

Libby found a wonderful tenant for my rental at a great price. Libby is effective, professional and very helpful.

Steve Schoonover – Property Owner

As far as I'm concerned, Hooven Property Management is the best management company I have - from California to New York.

Zhenya Delate - Tenant

I'm enjoying being a tenant of Hooven Property Management. They are very responsive and provide excellent services. It's good to know I don't have to worry about anything having to do with my home. My 8 year old son and I are very happy with the condition, location and layout of the home we're renting, and I have a feeling Libby takes great care to list those properties that fit her higher standards. On a personal note, working with Libby is quite pleasant - she is a real person that listens and cares.


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